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Spot Prawns



Spot Prawns

On 02, Apr 2015 | In | By admin

Instead of squeezing lemons on these spot prawns, this recipe takes a sweeter approach. Inspired by a popular Chinese dish, the honey walnut shrimp, this dish calls for a hazelnut puree with slices of spicy pears to offset the sweetness of the hazelnut and prawns.

40 ea. fresh spot prawns (shelled, roe reserved)

½ cup hazelnut puree

½ cup candied hazelnuts

2 ea. Asian pears, marinated with chili

½ cup watercress leaves

*Saute spot prawns until just cooked. Plate with remaining ingredients.


*Notes: Roe can be cured like caviar with 2% salt by weight. This can be folded into a reduced sauce made from the shells and used as a sauce.

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